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Sound Press serves buying groups and members of groups with marketing and sales programs, value added webinars, and eCommerce strategy. Many of our distributor clients have Group relationships, and often more than one.


Sound Press serves buying groups and members of groups with marketing and sales programs, value added webinars, and eCommerce strategy. Many of our distributor clients have Group relationships, and often more than one. From Alliance, to Federated, APA, Power Heavy Duty, VIPAR and many more, our system knowledge of the widely used WHI Nexpart system and its variations, along with WMS, Integrations, and Marketing Strategy has enabled us to build programs for groups that benefit members.

One such relationship is with ACDelco. Sound Press has a North America program for all ACDelco distributors that allows them to make use of Annual Promotional Funds (APF/Marketing Dollars) for various marketing programs from B2B eCom websites, shop supplies and non-application and chemical and tool catalog implementation, and even all marketing needs such as public websites, business collateral, and advertising. Click Here to see more about the existing long running ACDelco program.

Buying Groups can benefit from Sound Press building top-down sales and marketing programs. These are often turn-key, and built on existing technology stacks Sound Press has developed to offer a replicable and affordable solution to eCommerce and marketing needs. Sound Press can work with the marketing and business support teams of Groups and Manufacturers to create further engagement within a Group and Platform that is mutually beneficial all the way to the purchasing customer.

Webinars on Marketing Strategy and eCommerce are available from Sound Press to educate Group members, and equip them with tools and possible existing programs to help them grow their business. This is one way Sound Press can help Groups deliver value to their members, and the question and answer portions are always beneficial and welcome.

We have found that affordable and effective, top-down approach programs are of great benefit to Group Members that are all trying to grow their business. Sound Press is committed to helping Buying Groups deliver value to their members. If this is something you’d like to discuss, please reach out.

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Member Business Services Programs

Sound Press can put together programs that will serve your members in various marketing categories from eCommerce, non-application catalogs, marketing and sales integrations to B2B portals and solutions, digital advertising, and website services.

B2C Ecommerce Solutions

Many distributor members desire to grow or get into eCommerce. There are many pathways to do this. Buying groups often have the power to procure data that can be made available in eCommerce, and Sound Press can build platforms and integrations that serve your members.

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Digital Marketing

From digital ads, to Google My Business profiles, there is a wide range of touch points in the digital marketing category that Sound Press can help with to serve members. Sound Press offers services in SEO Search Engine Optimization with good content on websites, and SEM Search Engine Marketing for paid ads that drive traffic, and consulting on digital strategy.

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Public Websites

Members need respectable websites in this multi-generational marketplace. Distributors might not need massive websites if they are not pursuing B2C, but they do need to have a site that gives credibility and confidence for customer engagement.

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Marketing Support

Sound Press can help members with marketing tasks such as building specials and monthly flyers, enabling those to be digitally distributed and even eCommerce-enabled in B2B buying portals, getting good content written for websites and sales programs, and much more.

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Branding and Collateral

Members need good brand design, good business cards, collateral, brochures, and brand assets. Sound Press can design and help with all of those items.

Member Strategy

Sound Press can work with buying groups to help develop programs that drive more member engagement and value. Oftentimes members just aren’t equipped with the internal resources to adopt many of the value added programs offered to them by their Groups. Sound Press can assist in implementing and executing adoption of Group-offered member value-added services.

Sound Press has been privileged to work with distributors in various markets. Click on one of the case studies below to find out more about the business challenges that we’ve helped resolve.

ACDelco – General Motors

Sound Press partners with ACDelco to innovate B2B ecommerce, equipping the distribution network with marketing tools for sales growth and customer connection. Sound Press works on development, marketing, and product data implementations for ACDelco distributors within Nexpart / CONNECTION.

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