Non-Application Catalog


Non-Application Catalog

Shop Supplies

Shop supplies are sold inside of WHI’s Nexpart / Webshop thru a tool called MyItems and The Market (for ACDelco). MyItems allows you to offer your 1000s of non-application and shop supply items in an online catalog.

MyItems is integrated into Nexpart making non-application items as easy to order as application parts by using the same customer data, discounts, and payment/invoice information. MyItems is fully searchable, making purchases easy and efficient.


MyItems: Self-Managed

As a Part Seller, you have full access to MyItems tools to upload and manage your own product data and images. A user guide is available at the Nexpart Admin site. While WHI MyItems is available to you at no cost, Sound Press is a certified vendor of WHI and can assist you in MyItems catalog uploads. COST: FREE

MyItems: Sound Press Professional Services

MyItems Support Includes continual access to non-application product data (titles, categorization, and images) for thousands of common products. Setup includes 1,500 products if you supply the categorization; or 500 products that includes Professional Categorization. COST: $1,495 INITIAL SETUP, $130/MO. (HOSTING for up to 5000 product images)

Additional Products for MyItems

Pricing varies based on the quality and depth of your data, contact us for a quote. Rates for additional products beyond those referenced above will be billed direct by WHI as follows:

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