Empowering direct sales to your customers

Sound Press is a leading provider of B2C ecommerce solutions for the automotive industry.


We can help you build a B2C ecommerce website that is tailored to the needs of your customers, and we can connect the technology integrations and catalog data sources to power your website. Sound Press can also build a customized digital advertising strategy and execute that strategy to drive sales.

Sound Press will assess the following areas to ensure success:

Business Goals

Discuss the overall business growth plan and strategies.

Functionality and Integrations

Inventory management, shipping, accounting, customer interactions and the various related integrations required.

Product Data

Define providers of data and associated costs. The Sound Press partnership with WHI is one advantage and source of data. We can also obtain and integrate data from other sources.


building a digital marketing strategy with budgets and ROI, and build the plan to execute that strategy.

  • ecommerce Site Build: We will work with you to create a website that is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and mobile-friendly. Sound Press has experience in several ecommerce platforms, but we often work within Shopify and Magento/Adobe Commerce environments.
  • Technology integrations: We can integrate your website with your existing systems, such as your inventory management system and your accounting system.
  • Catalog data sources: We have access to a wide range of catalog data sources, so you can be sure that your website will have accurate and up-to-date product information.

With Sound Press as your partner, you can be confident that you will have a successful B2C ecommerce website that will help you grow your business.


Sound Press is a long term trusted partner of WHI and proven Certified integrator of WHI’s B2C Ecom API libraries and products. Our work with WHI has allowed us a direct access and partnership approach to make sure any customizations are vetted and performed the right way on B2C implementations. Sound Press is certified in WHI’s data APIs, and certified in various integrations such as CatLink and OrderLink.
WHI Partner

Digital Marketing

Sound Press is a 20 year old digital marketing agency, and can also develop the digital marketing strategy for ecommerce growth.

In addition to a solid technological foundation, we provide SEO/SEM and digital marketing [link] strategy to help your customers find you and get visibility in a highly competitive marketplace. Our team can help with website content, email campaigns, paid and organic search placement, and other online and offline advertising methods to get the best ROI and drive traffic to your site.