Automotive eCommerce continues to grow in 2023!

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With the holidays and 2022 behind us, it’s time to dive into the new year and new opportunities. At last November’s AAPEX show in Las Vegas, we spoke to many of you who have an interest and are seeing the growing need for eCommerce in your businesses. If we learned nothing else from a worldwide epidemic a few years back, the growth of eCommerce in B2B & B2C has never been more important with the continued race to acquire customers and market share.

As a WHI preferred vendor, Sound Press works with many distributors all over the country, helping them market and sell their products in WHI’s Nexpart B2B platform. We also support clients through B2C eCommerce platforms and digital marketing endeavors.

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Five Stats You Need to Know about the Technician Shortage

FROM AUTOCARE.ORG – Transportation industry technicians are essential to the light, medium, and heavy-duty aftermarket – for everything from cars to diesel and collision. There are over 292 million vehicles on U.S. roads that require service, maintenance, and repair. Without this service, there are many risks.

As the majority of post-warranty work is performed in the aftermarket, we have a duty to educate and inform the industry of challenges surrounding the technician shortage and how together, we can overcome this challenge.

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ACDelco / GM

Sound Press has long partnered with major automotive parts manufacturers and their distribution networks. GM / ACDelco has been a leader in B2B Automotive Ecommerce, Distribution Networks, Manufacturing, and of course amazing vehicles. With such a broad distribution network, ACDelco needed a way to equip its distribution network with marketing tools to grow sales and connect with end-user customers. Sound Press created innovative ways of selling non-application parts, chemicals, and other products not related to a VIN. Sound Press specializes in B2B eCommerce and creates integrated web tools to increase sales in the B2B space.

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What Manufacturers are doing right

In this month’s “What are Manufacturers doing right?” it’s all about B2C. B2C is right for some, but it sure takes some effort, and budget! The online marketplace still has huge opportunities, but the race for customers and market share is tight. Sometimes, a manufacturer can find the niche of their products that when made available direct to consumer or B2C, can open up more selling pathways. However, one of the pitfalls is in not focusing on how your company truly needs to grow, and the B2B equation is as important. Improving your B2B ordering experience with existing customers may be more important than trying to go Direct to Consumer. Improving your distribution channels and relationships may be more fruitful than opening up a B2C pathway. And you never want your customers to sense you’re competing with them. The best way to explore this is to look at the goals of the company, do a competitive analysis, check on the needs of the customers, do some real budget planning, and lastly to assess the commitment you can make in B2C. These are things Sound Press helps companies with frequently, and glad to chat as desired.

Did you know?

We are pleased to announce that Ron Larson has joined the Soundpress team as Director of Sales.

Ron is an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience. Ron has sold aftermarket business systems, Electronic Catalog, and eCommerce solutions. Ron has previously worked for companies like OEConnection, PhaseZero Ventures, Solenium Group, WHI Solutions, Everdream Corporation, and Epicor – Formerly Activant, CCITriad, Triad. Ron lives in Tempe Arizona near his daughter and 2 grandchildren. You can email Ron at

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