Data-Driven Decision-Making in Automotive Digital Marketing

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Data-driven decision-making in the automotive industry is a must to stay ahead of your competition and meet your customers in their greatest areas of need. The necessity of having a consistent temperature on your online channel analytics and customer behaviors can’t be understated. There are a few simple tools and areas of focus that will give you the data needed to make educated decisions and target your customers most effectively.

Aside from your overall sales analytics which will always give a clear picture of your most in-demand products offered, website analytics (Google Analytics or similar tools) are a great way to identify the content on your website and digital channels that are of most interest to your customers or potential customers. Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices suggest separate landing pages for all of the top product categories offered which in turn will provide clear stats on user engagement for each website landing page.

In addition to Google Analytics integrations on your website, tools such as Moz or SEMrush can provide important data on keyword research, showing how users are finding your website as well as other competitor websites. Both tools have a varied list of features but their main strength lies within their keyword research tools which can help you identify important keywords that should be utilized in your website’s written content to help you stand out online.

Data-driven decision-making requires some analysis but can pay dividends in helping you understand your target customers and increase your sales online.