East Coast Truck & Trailer Case Study


East Coast Truck & Trailer Client Testimonial

We want to thank Joe and the Sound Press team for their work on our B2B catalog build-out. Joe kept us updated every step of the way. He was extremely easy to work with and knowledgeable in the heavy-duty industry. Without their services, we’d be categorizing and gathering data for another year at least!

East Coast Truck & Trailer — Nikki Thiffault

About East Coast Truck & Trailer

East Coast Truck and Trailer, a family-owned mid-duty and heavy-duty truck parts provider, has been serving southeast Massachusets with truck and trailer parts since 1986. They came to Sound Press looking for a partner who could build out their non-application parts catalog inside of their WHI/Nexpart ecommerce portal. Sound Press has specialized in automotive digital marketing and Nexpart ecommerce catalog builds since 2004.

Need and Solution

East Coast Truck and Trailer needed a partner who could not only handle the data entry and data mining process but could also handle the entire catalog buildout including testing, upload, and launch.

The Nexpart “My Items” non-application parts catalog upload process consists of two major areas of work: 1.) product categorization according to ACES & PIES standards and 2.) mapping product images for each product upload – both very time-consuming and demanding tasks. Sound Press has built and launched non-application parts catalogs for distributors all over North America and owns an image repository of over 270,000 product images.

The Sound Press data team was able to move through the product categorization process within 3-4 weeks and move on to the image-matching portion of the project immediately after. We were also about to match up images with part numbers within another two weeks. For any images that weren’t within our repository, we worked directly with manufacturers to obtain the most recent and high-quality product data and images for the East Coast Truck & Trailer catalog.

Once the catalog categorizations, descriptions, and image content were approved by the East Coast Truck and Trailer team, Sound Press tested and launched the catalog, working directly with the WHI tech team to enable image & pricing functions.

Since its launch, The East Coast Truck & Trailer team has seen an increase in sales through the My Items non-application catalog, boasting 1,000+ visitors to the catalog each month.