Car Parts Warehouse



Car Parts Warehouse (CPW), based in Cleveland, Ohio, one of the top automotive warehouse distributors in the continental US, faced the challenge of an outdated online presence hindering its growth potential. CPW approached Sound Press seeking a comprehensive solution to modernize its online image, enhance user experience, and boost its B2B sales through the Nexpart eCommerce platform.


We embarked on a multifaceted approach, beginning with a responsive, user-friendly website redesign. Leveraging the latest design trends, we created an intuitive interface that streamlined navigation and highlighted key offerings, sell sheets, training events, and regular monthly promotions. Simultaneously, our development team built a robust B2B Nexpart Hometab eCommerce website for CPW, tailored to their specific needs, featuring monthly promotions, product data, and location information.

To elevate the brand further, our video production team captured high-quality video content. Engaging event footage, customer testimonials, behind-the-scenes glimpses of the warehouse, and employee testimonials were captured to resonate with the target audience. Sound Press worked onsite in Cleveland, OH with CPW at their yearly “Customer Appreciation Professional Installer Exposition”, interviewing customers, manufacturers, and employees about why they love working with CPW. With this dynamic content, multiple videos were produced for use on the CPW website and social media channels.


The impact was immediate and noteworthy. The new website and eCommerce platform drove an increase in online traffic, capturing a broader market share. The compelling video content also contributed to a rise in customer engagement. Through a holistic digital strategy, Sound Press successfully propelled CPW into the digital age, providing them with a modern, competitive edge in their automotive distribution market. Sound Press has been privileged to work with CPW for over 10 years of their 40+ years in business.